After completing all repairs and/or replacement of parts as indicated on your Certificate of Compliance form, please photo copy to your letterhead the TLL

Re-certification Request Form.

This is the only documentation you should send to our attention to re-certify. In order to avoid any delay, please complete the document in full. This re-certification program is designed to be compatible with ISO requirements. You will need to keep your repair/replacement records and receipts for proof of compliance with our recommendations. As per the (OSHA) regulations, only competent personnel are qualified to perform repairs. If you need any clarification about this requirement please contact your customer service representative.

You will receive a letter acknowledging your repairs or replacement of parts. An acknowledgement of your repairs/replacement can also be faxed at your request. Units which are repaired by complete replacement of the device will not receive re-certification.

Our re-certification form is designed to accommodate as many as five different repair companies or individuals on one form. If multiple repairs are required, multiple copies of our form will be necessary. If you require individual certificates for each device, please indicate on your fax cover or on the re-certification form.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding this procedure.