Our Professional Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in structural engineering has the ability to provide capacity ratings for any type of lifting or support device.

Technical Loadarm specializes in reverse engineering which will provide lifting capacities for existing equipment to become compliant. We can also assist in modifications and design. If drawings are provided, our Engineer can make the required changes and your drawings will be retuned in a PDF format, including the digital signature of our Engineer. In addition, we will provide a hard copy with the original seal and signature.


Load testing

If an item has been modified a load test may be performed as verification of a lifting device’s capacity. Our load testing procedure consists of four segments: The pre-inspection, load test, post inspection and Engineer’s report.

Our Technician will perform the pre-inspection to insure your equipment is capable of lifting the load without failure. If the equipment is deemed “certified”, the Technician will perform the load test. After the load is released, the lifting device is thoroughly inspected, for deformation, cracks or other defects, utilizing magnetic particle inspection. A load test report is prepared, signed and stamped by our Engineer.

Pre-Start Health & Safety Review

A Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is a safety audit of a modified or newly designed piece of equipment. Our goal is to identify any safety concerns that may lead to workplace injury. We can also identify any deficiencies and provide the necessary advice needed to deem the equipment “certified” and therefore keeping your equipment in compliance with the Ministry of Labour.

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